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Supported MC Versions
Req. Server Software
1.16.5 spigot/paper/tuinity/purpur
Note: 20% OFF till 30th jan

Hello, are you a fan of Paintball and are searching to play Paintball in Minecraft? Then this Premade server might interest you!
below I'll be showing you everything about the setup and about future updates and etc.

Test server:

⚡ proudly sponsored by ReviveHost ⚡

Interested in purchasing the resource but are having trouble with paypal? PM me to get another payment gateway


Paintball Setup Features
  1. +8 Arenas fully configured
  2. Multi World support
  3. Tab completely configured and is made possible to look attractive
  4. Added npcs to make it look better
  5. Added Stats and leaderboard of your gameplay
  6. Scoreboard completely setup and does not require any editing except servername
  7. 2 Donor ranks setup with a few benefits
  8. Staff Ranks setup to make player moderation easier
  9. Custom Join Leave Messages configured for each rank and many more
  10. Ranked users can review the server (made it a ranked feature to prevent alts)
  11. Tickets, you can not make quick tickets to get support from staff!
  12. Holographic display configured and made attractive
  13. Attractive maps
  14. Custom MOTD
  15. Only needs 2-3.5GB of ram depending on players
  16. Java 16
and Many More!


Staff GUI:
Note: Check the server for cosmetics
I can't promise you the quality below but make sure to checkout the showcase video below


The following list is what's there to be fixed in new updates:
  • Currently 1 arena Rush The Flag is broken but do not worry once the plugin dev has found a fix I'll have a update released
  • Spectate GUI, I decided to make a spectate gui where the players can easily spectate a game in progress but the plugin placeholders are currently not working so you must wait till the plugin placeholders are fixed

1. PaintBall (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...es-in-1-tdm-ffa-ctf-dtc-rtf-kc-lts-dom.20276/) Paid (2.99$)
2. Citizens2 (https://ci.citizensnpcs.co/job/Citizens2/) Free
3. PaperMC 1.16.5 (https://serverjars.com) Free
4. WorldFiles (https://www.mediafire.com/file/zvuhslwxmokydcc/Paintball+update+v7+WORLD.tar.gz/file)

If at anytime you're trying to download the WorldFiles and are unable to due to some issue PM me.

1. You cannot resell my resources
2. You cannot claim this resource as your own
3. Support will only be given to people with valid license
4. All Purchases are final and no refunds will be encouraged
5. Prices can be changed anytime without Notice
6. I can suspend your license at any time but this action will only be taken on serious situations
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Latest updates

  1. Updated Paintball plugin's configs

    its always better to update plugin configs Added V8 UPDATE in file (only use if you're...
  2. Fixed a few stuff & Removed the "coming soon spectate" holograph

    Disabled use of trapdoors Removed Health bar below playername Removed Spectator Npc (Spectate...
  3. v6 (minor updates)

    Added LinkTree plugin, once you've started the server go over to LinTree's config and add all...