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[NEW] [EPIC] FreeForAll Server Setup Completely Free!

[NEW] [EPIC] FreeForAll Server Setup Completely Free! v1 Free

No permission to download
Supported MC Versions
Req. Server Software
1.16.5 spigot/paper/tuinity/purpur

Hello, are you a fan of 1.16 PvP but are unable to find any? Then this Premade server might interest you!
I've decided to make a 1.16 PvP Setup as I couldn't see any on this market!

Test server: Coming soon!

⚡ proudly sponsored by ReviveHost ⚡

Need help setting up the premade in your server? Open a ticket at the discord server and i'll be able to help you there.

  • Java 16
  • +3GB Ram
  • 1.16.5 Spigot or other forks

FFA Setup Features

  • 1.16 PvP friendly FFA Server
  • Tab completely configured and is made possible to look attractive
  • Scoreboard setup and added stats and other info
  • 4 kits to choose
  • 5 spawn points in arena
  • Completely Neat Setup
  • Custom Prefix for Default users (gradient)
  • Custom Motd and more coming soon!

You click them to claim it.
Confused how to edit Tab and scoreboard? Check this resource's description to learn how to use gradient https://gameagora.net/resources/30/


More images to come soon!

Stuff to edit:
  • Currently you only got Tab and scoreboard to edit.
I've decided to post this resource for free till its beta stages are over.
Once I've turned this to premium there'll be no support for free users
Don't worry The resource will not be converted to a premium resource anytime soon!

You're still welcomed to get support from me when the resource is still free.