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[50% OFF] [4.99$]⚡️ ONEBLOCK SETUP ⚡️| ✨ Shops, Menus, Ranks, Banks & more! ✨

[50% OFF] [4.99$]⚡️ ONEBLOCK SETUP ⚡️| ✨ Shops, Menus, Ranks, Banks & more! ✨ v7

Supported MC Versions
Req. Server Software
1.18.1 spigot/paper/tuinity/purpur

50% OFF!

Test server: Coming soon!

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  • Java 17
  • +5.5GB Ram
  • 1.18.1 Spigot or other forks

OneBlock Setup Features:

  • Spawn with Shops Around
  • Attractive Holographs added
  • Added 3 Crates (Vote, Elite, Legendary)
  • Added Playtime Rewards
  • A portal to jump into to start your island
  • WorkZone added with NPCs
  • Enchantment Area
  • Ender Chests around the spawn
  • OneBlock ControlPanel
  • Custom Menus
  • Added Lottery and BustaMine
  • Made the setup addictive and enjoyable
  • Attractive Scoreboard
  • Attractice and detailed Tab
  • Added Bank to earn and deposit
  • Detailed Jobs Menu
  • Added 3 Kits (Starter, VIP, MVP)
  • Added OreMarket
  • Added Repeatable Quests.



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4. All Purchases are final and no refunds will be encouraged
5. Prices can be changed anytime without Notice
6. I can suspend your license at any time but this action will only be taken on serious situations

Latest updates

  1. Updated plugins and luckperms

    Updated a few plugins and fixed permissions for economyshopgui and updated readme.txt and sorted...
  2. Just updated a requirement in readme.txt

    No need to update setup. its the same old files. just edited the readme.txt
  3. Update v6

    Updated 2 plugins that were broken in the previous update.