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    Giveaway VIP Rank GIVEAWAY!

    Congratulations! You won!
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    Hey there! I'm Kieran

    Welcome Kieran to GameAgora!
  3. p0nchok

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    My go to would probably be a good Cheeseburger
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    Homepage Top Banner

  5. p0nchok


    Welcome to GameAgora! Dark blue and dark red fan here
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    Homepage Top Banner

    With us nearing 2,000 members, we would like to thank the community by hosting a Homepage Top Banner (x1 week) giveaway! To enter, all you need to do is have an introduction thread and reply to this thread! Winner will be announced September 9th, 6 pm GMT! Good luck everyone!
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    Requesting Advertisement for GameAgora

    We're looking to expand our audience by purchasing more ads! We aim to support our current community which is why we're seeking for that service right here, in our own backyard! If you offer any kind of advertisement service or know someone that does please reply to this thread with your...
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    Ideal Subway Order

    The real question is, what's yours?
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    Ranks + Ads Released! Limited time deal!

    It comes with great pleasure that we're opening ranks and ad purchases again! For the month of January we'll be offering a bonus for rank purchases: VIP: 1x Homepage Sidebar Superior: 1x Homepage Sidebar + 3 days homepage top Ranks: Hope to see you...
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    Homepage Sidebar Giveaway!

    Congratulations @PinkPrison for winning! Thank you everyone for participating!
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    Homepage Sidebar Giveaway!

    Winter is upon us and with that come presents to warm your soul up! We're hosting a Homepage Sidebar giveaway! To enter, simply respond with what you'd like for Christmas/Hanukkah! Did I mention that the giveaway ends December 25th at 2 PM GMT? Good luck and merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah!
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    Put Latest Resources above Twitter

    Hey, thank you for the suggestion! Implemented
  13. p0nchok

    Hey! It's me..

    Welcome to GameAgora!
  14. p0nchok

    Hey! I'm Miro

    Welcome to GameAgora!
  15. p0nchok

    Subsequence's - Introduction

    Welcome to GameAgora! Very clean looking thread and I LOVE it!
  16. p0nchok

    First game you remember playing?

    Mine would be Cubefield. I remember discovering a way to cheat the system. I would just start going sideways right away (Or some calculations a single digit year old would know) and managed to find a path that no cubes block me so the only thing that stops me is run time. I would go to bed and...
  17. p0nchok

    Some suggestions

    As a thank you gift, I gave you VIP rank and a free ad (Check DMs for the code)
  18. p0nchok

    Some suggestions

    Hey! Thankfully I just managed to implement most of these and am working on the rest! Fixed 1-3 thus far
  19. p0nchok

    Some suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestions! I'll have to check how to implement some of these but the concept is fantastic. Thanks again!
  20. p0nchok

    Verified/Trusted Team and/or Member role

    Doesn't having reputation cover that really?