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    Offering bula - logos | threads | ui/ux

    Vouch, brilliant service and work :)
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    Hellooooo Everyone!

    Thank you <3
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    What is you favorite takeaway/fast-food?

    I will start it off currently I am always craving a Chinese. The place I go does a pizza box full of different things; Salt & pepper chips, chicken bites, chicken balls, rice, noodles and spring rolls. Now your turn!
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    Hellooooo Everyone!

    Thank you! It is great to be here.
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    Hellooooo Everyone!

    Hello. Well, I feel like i'm writing a journal or diary at this point already, so let's see how this goes. Apologies in advance if this is shockingly bad. Anyways lets get into it. My name is Utilizations - Also go by Brandon (My irl name), I am 19 (Birthday 23rd April 2004), I live in the UK...
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    Hello, I'm Amitii!

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    Hi! I'm Hububba

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    Offering Utilizations Management

    My boy, feel free to +rep my account :)
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    Offering bula - logos | threads | ui/ux

    You any good at coming up with graphic designs? I could do with a new set of graphics for myself; Logo & banner, static and animated.
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    Offering bula - logos | threads | ui/ux

    looks good! Best of luck <3
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    Offering Utilizations Middleman