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  1. GreenArrow99

    Offering Wisteria Hosting Service 24/7 | MULTI EGG |

    Wisteria Hosting Wisteria hosting is a hosting service that provides Minecraft, voice servers, Rust etc and is born as a free host! Why us? We provide you with 24/7 free hosting service with a chance to get free credit for only 15 invites each! don't trust us? Join our discord server and try...
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    Offering ✅ BESTSERVERS.COM ─||─ FREE 30 Day Premium! ─||─ Become The BEST! ✅

    Hey please give my server mentioned above premium
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    Offering ✅ BESTSERVERS.COM ─||─ FREE 30 Day Premium! ─||─ Become The BEST! ✅

    Arcadia Skyblock - Minecraft Server - BestServers
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    CivilizationsMC [Semi-Vanilla] [EVENTS] {Towny} {Survival}

    does the server still exist?
  5. GreenArrow99

    Arcadia Skyblock [JAVA EDITION] {1.12-1.17} {Skyblock} {Free to Play} {Non Pay to Win} {Economy}

    Most players, old or new, know this game mode. On skyblock you start on a small beginner island and the intention is to expand the island into an admittable empire, alone or together with friends! FEATURES - notable additions ∙ Custom recipes ∙ Menus ∙ Ore Generators ∙ Custom dungeons ∙...
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    Requesting Looking for brand new mc server listing

    hey so I've used the popular server listings before and they never helped so ya I'm looking for server listings that are `brand new` and support votifier I've seen a few on gameagora but I'm looking for something else. If you've already advertised here you can send me that thread too so I can...
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    Offering ✅ | Top Ranking Minecraft Server List

    The site is somewhat bugged, doesn't update player count
  8. GreenArrow99

    Offering ⭐⭐ Non-Profit ⭐ Custom ⭐

    Thanks for posting it here as I needed a brand new server list but the only way we can get players is by making the serverlist more popular because its useless if theres only players voting and not players searching for servers
  9. GreenArrow99

    HarvestXP by GreenArrow99 1.4

    Support: Note: I'm not sure if it works with other versions that aren't mentioned, if they do work please do tell me so I can add it to the list! A plugin that gives you experience while harvesting crops, right now its only wheat, nether warts, potatos, pumpkin and...
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    HarvestXP by GreenArrow99

    GreenArrow99 submitted a new resource: HarvestXP by GreenArrow99 - A plugin that gives you experience on harvesting crops with customizable drop amount Read more about this resource...
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    Offering Minecraft hosting free/cheap

    Unprofessional, make the title and context make look better to attract attention
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    Rate My server

    So I closed arcadia network and opened a seperate skyblock server here so uh make sure to check it out!
  13. GreenArrow99

    Rate My server

    Rate my server update New gamemodes We recently had a earth server featuring 1.8 combat mechanics Now we are introducing a Earth server with a bigger scale that features 1.9 combat mechanics We even have a new gamemode called skyblock which has been released recently and players have been...
  14. GreenArrow99

    Rate My server

    Thanks for the review, My network is still new and the reason for my network having less players is a bigger network had a reset for their earth server that to right 2 hours after mine so not many actually played my network because people didn't really appreciate the fact that we had kids...
  15. GreenArrow99

    Rate My server

    We currently got earth practice/duels murder mystery More games in future! Make sure to check it out and rate the server ;) Server address - discord - Also looking for practice streamers/youtubers and earth youtubers/streamers Our earth is...
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    Ultimate Chicken Prank!!

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    GreenArrow99 submitted a new resource: bedevents - A mini plugin that gives you certain features to make your gameplay with beds better Read more about this resource...
  18. GreenArrow99

    bedevents 1.4

    I have decided to make a huge plugin related to beds! Features: 1. Now can enable and disable bed disabler 2. Custom message on Bed Enter 3. Custom message on Bed Leave 3. Custom message sent when trying to use bed after disabling bed 4. Added BedHeal, can now let players get max health right...