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  1. p0nchok

    Hypixel Bedwars with Viewers!

    Hey everyone! Streaming Hypixel Bedwars with viewers!
  2. p0nchok

    $30 Giveaway!

    Happy Holidays! We're launching our FINAL Advent Calendar Giveaway! Superior Rank + Homepage Sidebar ad! If you already have a rank we can let you use the store credits on ads ($30 total). Enter here: Expect a surprise near New Years 😉 Kind regards...
  3. p0nchok

    Advent Calendar FINALE

    Welcome to Advent Calendar FINALE! Decided to give more time for a giveaway so I made a big one! How to enter: Reply what your goal for 2022 is! End Date: December 25th at 5 PM GMT Prize: Superior Rank (Or ads equivalent of it) + Homepage Sidebar ad! Want more giveaways? Invite your friends...
  4. p0nchok

    17-19 3 Sticky Threads

    Welcome to Advent Calendar dates 17-179! How to enter: Reply what you love the most about Christmas! End Date: December 19th at 5 PM GMT Prize: 3 Sticky Threads Want more giveaways? Invite your friends to GameAgora! Make sure to visit daily to view if you won and to enter more giveaways...
  5. p0nchok

    15-17 Thread Enthusiast Rank

    Welcome to Advent Calendar dates 15-17! How to enter: Reply to this thread with tagging at least 1 site user (@p0nchok for example) and give them a compliment (Or multiple 😉) End Date: December 17th at 5 PM GMT Prize: Thread Enthusiast Rank Want more giveaways? Invite your friends to...
  6. p0nchok

    13-15 x2 Sticky Threads

    Welcome to Advent Calendar dates 13-15! How to enter: Make an introduction thread HERE and reply to this thread with the link to your thread End Date: December 15th Prize: x2 Sticky Threads Want more giveaways? Invite your friends to GameAgora! Make sure to visit daily to view if you won and...
  7. p0nchok

    Advent Calendar!

    GameAgora Advent Calendar! Here are the rewards you can expect by date: 13-15 x2 Sticky Threads 15-17 Thread Enthusiast Rank 17-19 x3 Sticky Threads 19-21 Homepage sidebar ad 21-23 VIP Rank 24-25 Superior Rank To win, visit HERE daily and enter each giveaway! Partnerships: We're looking for...
  8. p0nchok

    Giveaway FREE 4GB MC Server + 512mb Discord Bot Hosting

    Greetings GameAgora users! We are proud to announce our joint giveaway with ReviveHost! Prizes: 1x 4GB Mc Server (1 Month) 1x 512mb Discord Bot hosting (1 Month) Winners: The giveaway will have 2 winners meaning you have twice the chance at winning! The first winner will choose which prize...
  9. p0nchok

    Viewer SMP! Hypixel!

  10. p0nchok

    EU 3s Tournament, August 6th

    Hello everyone! We are starting with our first own tournament! This is the start to our tournaments! Region: EU Mode: 3s Ranks: Champion and below Time: 7 pm GMT How to enter: Reply to this thread with your discord, all your teammates' discord and tag their GameAgora account. This means all 3...
  11. p0nchok

    Champ 2 EU Mic

    Hey, I'm EU, Champion 1 with Mic. Discord: p0nchok#0381
  12. p0nchok

    MGE EU, Mic

    Hey! I'm MG2 but was LE before and am looking to pick up the game again. My region is EU and I have a microphone. If you have played with me before, please vouch for me below. Add me on discord to play: p0nchok#0381
  13. p0nchok

    Giveaway VIP Rank Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! It's about time that we host a giveaway so we are giving away our VIP rank! We will host a MUCH larger giveaway once we hit 1,000 members which is right around the corner! How to enter: Reply to this thread with either a Suggestion to GameAgora or something that's good about...
  14. p0nchok

    Important New Rank! Reach a Larger Audience!

    Hello everyone! We are proud to announce our brand new rank "Thread Enthusiast"! This is our lowest tier rank that is focused primarily on threads! Some notable features are lower bump cool-downs, images in signatures, colored name to stick out from the rest and a lot more! All the details can...
  15. p0nchok

    Contest Graphics & Illustrations Contest

    Greetings GameAgora users! We are proud to announce our very first Contest! All registered users are eligible to submit their own work. You may submit multiple pieces, as long as it's yours and suits the rules. Rules: 1) All submissions must be yours and made throughout the contest. 2) No NSFW...
  16. p0nchok

    Important Ads and Ranks

    Hey everyone, We have just released Ads and Ranks for purchase on GameAgora! Ads can be found under "Advertising" in the navigation bar, Your Account menu and footer, and Rank Upgrades can be found under Your Account and in the footer. Links: Ads:
  17. p0nchok

    Staff Application Format

    All applications are towards becoming a Chat Moderator. From there you can get promoted to higher positions. All approved applications will be invited for an interview to finalize your application. Submit your answers here Requirements: 5+ Posts 1+ Hours a day...
  18. p0nchok

    Important Referrals!

    Hey everyone, Today we have added referrals to the site! Referral links are accessible to everyone and can be found below your statistics on the homepage. To refer a user, you simply send them your referral link and when they register through the link and post at least once your referral will be...
  19. p0nchok

    Achievements & Rewards

    These are the current Achievements available with their respective rewards! Posting Threads: 1 = Sticky Thread 3 = Sticky Thread 5 = Sidebar Thread 10 = Sidebar Ad 15 = Thread Enthusiast Rank Referrals: Join through referral = Sticky 1 = Sticky Thread 3 = Sidebar Ad 5 = Homepage Top Ad 7 =...
  20. p0nchok

    Ticket Submissions

    To submit a ticket, simply state what reward you would like to redeem and we'll send you a 100% discount code via on site Conversations