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Rocket League Scrubs - RL Scrubs -
Welcome to RL Scrubs! We have over 3k Rocket League motivated members!
One of the fastest growing Rocket League servers in all Regions!

What do we offer on our Discord server?
Many Real Giveaways -> After gaining many partnerships and sponsors, we can offer quality giveaways to our community!
- Quality Cash Tournaments -> We seek out orgs that host them and bring them together and setup an event and ping so u never miss it!
- Freestyle Tournaments -> For all those freestylers who wanna get their name out there, win the tournament and get the highest role in 2 servers! - Game/ Movie Nights -> This is for the community who wants to chill and relax! We got you covered!
- Free/ Paid Coaching -> Need help improving? Our coaches are quite talented and I guarantee they will show u results! (More info below to apply)
And so much more coming! Check out the Server's Web Page for more info!

RL Scrubs Coach - Why become a Coach for the Server?

We are currently looking for more people to become a coach for the RL Scrubs Community! If you have any questions please dm me! Please complete the form below and we'll get back to u as soon as possible!

Requirements: Champ 1+ & Form Complication

What do we offer for our Coaches?
A community to help and represent
-- If you charge, we will help find people as long as u coach in the server
-- Promoting our Coaches with Stages, our socials and more!

Well then, check out RLS ->

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