Looking for an Rocket League Community Server? Check out RLS!


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Rocket League Scrubs - RL Scrubs - (RLS)

Welcome to RL Scrubs! We have over 4k Rocket League motivated members! One of the fastest-growing Rocket League servers in all Regions!

What do we offer on our Discord server?

- Many Real Giveaways -> After gaining many partnerships and sponsors, we can offer quality giveaways to our community!

- Quality Cash Tournaments -> We seek out orgs that host them and bring them together and set up an event and ping so u never miss it!

- Freestyle Tournaments -> For all those freestylers who wanna get their name out there, win the tournament, and get a role above all members!

- Looking for Player/Team/Duo/Scrim -> Need help looking for players to unite with? RLS can help prevent the trouble of solo queue!

- Game/ Movie Nights -> This is for the community who wants to chill and relax! We've got you covered!

- Free/ Paid Coaching -> Need help improving? Our coaches are quite talented and I guarantee they will show u results! (More info below to apply)

-> And so much more coming!

RL Scrubs Coach - Why become a Coach for the Server?

We are currently looking for more people to become a coach for the RL Scrubs Community! If you have any questions please DM me! Please complete the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Requirements: Champ 1+ & Form Complication

What do we offer for our Coaches?
A community to help and represent!
-> A place where you can gain experience as a coach!
-> A full channel for you to advertise your coaching services!
-> If you charge, we will help you find people if you follow the RLS Coaching System!
-> Promoting our Coaches with Stages, our socials, and more!
-> https://forms.gle/MH4rXngACpyiPgJp6.

Well then, check out RLS! (Direct link to our Discord Server): https://discord.gg/rl-scrubs

-> Feel free to check out our Server's Web Page for more info and to join: https://tinyurl.com/rl-scrubs
-> As well as our exclusive new RL Scrubs Merch: https://exclaim.gg/store/rl_scrubs (Discount Code can be found in RLS)