Complete Looking for Reputable Discord Bot Developer + Full Stack Web Developer. (Paid)


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About Us:
SynthBuilt Service Team is an up and coming project. We plan to bring clients and freelancers together so the freelancers can put their skills to the test for the reward of money. And clients can find skilled freelancers to support them with their projects.

We are seeking;
A reputable Full Stack Developer to create a website for our transcripts module of our Discord bot.
A reputable Discord Bot Developer to create the Discord bot for our Service Team.

Full Stack Developer:
As a Full Stack Developer, you will play a crucial role in crafting the functionality of our web-transcript system, ensuring that all of our clients have access to their previously commissioned conversations and projects. You'll be coding the front and back end of the website dealing with the design, appearance and functionality of the website.

Discord Bot Developer:
As a Discord Bot Developer you will be crafting the main event. Every person using our services will need this bot in some way or another. It is your job to bring our creation to life!

A full detailed document has been crafted containing all the details you will require.
Any further questions after that can be asked on Discord.

This position is paid, we can discuss the terms in Discord DMs.
Rights: SynthBuilt requires full rights to the source code, full resell rights and full exclusivity on the code created.
Future Additions: SynthBuilt asks that we can come to you after completion of the project for bug fixes and support.
Contract: SynthBuilt requires that you sign a freelancer contract/agreement for your own protection and ours :)

Contact me on Discord: extech_

Thank you for reading!