Important New Rank! Reach a Larger Audience!


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Hello everyone!
We are proud to announce our brand new rank "Thread Enthusiast"!
This is our lowest tier rank that is focused primarily on threads!
Some notable features are lower bump cool-downs, images in signatures, colored name to stick out from the rest and a lot more!
All the details can be found here:

Reach a Larger Audience:
Most of our users don't know this, but you are indeed allowed to promote your threads in our Chat Box on site and in our discord server!
Make sure to utilize those platforms to generate more traffic for your threads.

We CAN Do Better:
We know we can do better which is why we're asking for your help!
Please send us suggestions either via our Discord or our Suggestions category

1,000 Members Insight!
We are nearing our goal of 1,000 members rapidly and are glad to have come thus far!
At 1,000 members we will host a giveaway you will NOT want to miss!

Looking forward to seeing you all online!
Kind regards, GameAgora Management Team