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Hey everyone for the past months, I have been working on a brand new Minecraft Server.

The goal of this server is to create Civilizations. In other words, that means, players can make governments, create towns and nations, conquer the world, make wars & peace. We have a handful of plugins to make the experience as fun as possible. If you want a Survival Server that aims to be realistic, but spiced up a little bit, this is the place for you

Some features;

You can Claim a town for 64 emeralds, then expand it with 8 emeralds. You can also create a Nation, and yes, you could make a whole country.

The Market : Located at 0,0 the only place with villagers. PVP is off there.

The /sell feature. You can sell ONLY your ingots / ores to get some emeralds to get started.

5 minutes deathban. To make more interestings, but not too much to be a turn off for more casual players.

Custom Map. Honestly, this looks incredible, you should look it by yourself !

There will be special events every week so join in !

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