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Jasmine's Middleman Service

I always believe it is safer to pay a little more for your services, than to risk the whole lot and everything you own.

I am looking to help the community on GameAgora by creating the first middleman (middlegirl lol) thread on here, and I want to earn some reputation so I can grow further! Through my middleman service, I want to ensure you receive the best customer service possible, so I am here to help!

Hopefully with you using my service, I can update this thread so that people can use my services safely and understand this is a legitimate business.

I have done a few deals before regarding middlemaning, so I have some experience on how to middleman quickly and securely.

Under $100 Transaction = $5
Over $100 Transaction = 5%

Payment Methods:

To request for me to middleman your deal, join my discord server here:
I can also middleman on site, but it will be slower and less responsive.

Some FAQ's I thought of which might help everyone out :)


Dealing with other members can be very risky, as there's always a chance that they might scam you.
It can also be highly confusing if you're not familiar with the process of securing your deals properly and safely.
By paying me a small fee, you can get rid of that risk and confusion, then you can be rest assured knowing that your deal will go smoothly.
Confirm on site. My details are on here.