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Hello! I am the owner of a build team in minecraft called Sylience, and I would like to present on my own behalf 3000 tokens of dissatisfied persons which will be completely made within 7 months 20% of them will be raffled, this is a whole 250 tokens! For those who buy tokens, a closed discord channel (under development) will be available, in which secret things will be played to improve tokens!
Their price is ETH 0.01 (price is fixed), gas $10~

Why ask such a price? such a price tag is worth it for a reason, since after the purchase you will unlock a discord server in which there will be drawings of exclusive buildings and NFT


There will also be a server in which there will be rooms with a total size of 60x60, there will be art itself in them, and a place for free construction of 20x20, events will be held on the server, and for those who bought the nft, there will be access to exclusive matches


Counter of NFTs made

Counter of published NFTs