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Hello everyone just to start I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sensitive I am 21 years old, and I've been Owning, Managing, Supporting and Helping everywhere I can in the Minecraft community. I started finance managing at the age of eighteen. I worked with a car lot in my home town until the age of 20. I now do finance management for a family friend who has now just started a business.

What can expect from me?

✒ I will be your full time financial manager for anything you need, rather its real life, a Minecraft server, a business you own, and or anything that requires finances. I will be one click away from helping you sort everything out. You can reach me at anytime from 9:00am - 3:00am CST

What are the steps you use to help me?

✒ First we speak about the finances you bring in, rather its from a job, a server, your business or anything that you receive income from in your daily life.

✒ Second we break down your living expenses, Such as bills, food, gas, rent or anything you spend money on that is required in your day to day life, Once that is established we have come up with a solid budget on how much you can spend per pay period.

✒ Third I listen to what you need or want for your (Project) Once I get that list, I break down your finances into phases. Phases being what you are going to purchase in one given pay period until we have purchased everything required for the (Project). After all of the required purchases we move onto your (Project) bills, via hosting, website and or anything else that's due.

✒ Fourth I would put every thing together in a google sheets, google doc, excel, email, or any services you would like me to do to break down your expenses.
✒ Fifth, through out our time working together, I will track the amount of money that has been used, and or has not been used. I will also be in support if you need help making a decisions such as "Hey do I have the budget for this?", "Hey is this worth buying?" or anything you may need support with when it comes to finances.

What if my (Project) is already established?

✒ First, I would follow the same steps given as if your project was not established. The reason I would do this, is that it would allow me to get an understanding of everything going on.

✒ Second, I would continue with the services as normal, break down what your currently paying for, to keep your project running monthly, break down the income via net profit and gross profit.

Will you sign an NDA?

✒ Yes, In all cases I am willing to sing any documents required to work for your project.

More Questions?

✒ Start a conversation with me here, or add me on discord! Sensitive#2002