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Introducing SkySurge
Server Information:

SkySurge is recruiting dedicated members to join our team. The first gamemode releasing on our network is Skyblock. We are looking for active, reputable, and respectful members of the minecraft community to come over and help us moderate. Here at SkySurge, we are striving to provide the most seamless opportunities possible. With planned weekly updates, unique content, and much more, all players are welcome, and will enjoy it.

Check out some of the features we have planned:
Mobswords: Dive into our custom mob swords by slaying mobs. Each mob slain gains your sword XP, which is used to level up. With upgrading your level, comes upgrades sword enchants and overall efficiency
Harvester Hoes: Immerse yourself in our GUI friendly, easy-to-use, and unique environment. With a sugarcane focused economy, we have custom enchants and sell boosts that will enhance your experience
Spawner Stacking: As simple as it may sounds, this is one of the most important aspects of a server. The way to improve backend efficiency. We have partnered with some of the highest quality developers to bring you an experience with spawners like never before. With a GUI that is player-friendly, you are able to add and remove spawners from stacks
Ore Fields: Focusing on a more grinding-type experience, we have implemented Ore Fields. Place these blocks on redstone blocks and transform nearby stone into that ore. Mine this ore using our custom pickaxe enchants and have the chance to receive gems, money, or even store vouchers.

Here are SkySurge we are dedicated to providing this seamless experience. We are always open to changes, community suggestions, and onboarding new members.
There are two ways to contact us for this project:
SkySurge: This is where we recruit our staff members. From Helper -> Senior Admin, you will be greatly welcomed.

Staff Requirements are as follows:
  • Age 14+
  • Fluent in english
  • Active 2-3 hours per day
  • Proficient in staffing techniques
  • Knowledge of SkyBlock
  • Community engagement