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StarNode is a newly founded hosting company helping those who suffer to pay for expensive hosting we offer plans from $1 - $5 with top tier hardware.

Server Hardware

- Intel i7-6700k - Starting At $1 - USA Only

- We Guarantee 99.6% Uptime

Control Panel

- StarNode uses the Pterodactyl Panel because its the most famous panel out their and it supports many libraries.

- StarNode has a fully customized panel with backups and a file editor so you can edit code inside the panel!

Why Choose Us?

- StarNode Dedicates Their Servers To Their Customers We Do Not Overload Our Nodes. This Helps Us With No Downtime And Server Overload. StarNodes Servers Are Dedicated So Whatever You Pay For Is What You Get. Once We Run Out Of Room On A Node We Setup A New One So Our New Customers Can Get Their Servers!!


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