Is dicord.js V13 worth the hassle?


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From what I have actually seen with version 13 it Isn't all that bad, slash commands, etc. However, lots of the patterns are changed, for example:

" Channel types are now uppercase and align with Discord's naming conventions. "
What you'd put in V12 | - if(channel.type === 'text') channel.send('Content');
What you'd put in V13 | + if(channel.type === 'GUILD_TEXT') channel.send('Content');

Link about updating from v12 to v13:

Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the hassle of upgrading, V12 is better. Just seems out of place to use 'GUILD_TEXT', when you can just use 'text', simpler for the person coding. I'd heavily suggest V12 then V13.

Please let me hear other thoughts on the upgrade to V13 :)
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