Arcadia Skyblock [JAVA EDITION] {1.12-1.17} {Skyblock} {Free to Play} {Non Pay to Win} {Economy}


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Most players, old or new, know this game mode. On skyblock you start on a small beginner island and the intention is to expand the island into an admittable empire, alone or together with friends!

FEATURES - notable additions
∙ Custom recipes
∙ Menus
∙ Ore Generators
∙ Custom dungeons
∙ Mines
∙ Minions
∙ Custom enchants
∙ Quality Builds
∙ Unique Skills
∙ Shops/Auctions
∙ Rewards
∙ Banks and many MORE!

∙ Server IP:
∙ [Version 1.12.2-1.17]
∙ Discord:

The server is currently brand new so we might face some bugs, if found anything while playing make sure to report it~