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I'm the owner of RatioMc, a upcoming KitPvP server. You might recognize the name as we used to be HCF. The server is well developed and is coded by me. The goal of the server is to be user friendly, including multiple kits, 13+ Events, settings, and more.

About Us:
To make us different from your average KitPvP server, we have both casual and competitive features. We have a leveling system up to 75 Levels, Guilds, Leaderboards for Kills and Guilds Points Leaderboard, Events, Shop that change weekly, Daily Updates, Custom Builds, Kind staff team, and more! :)

As a Mod:

You will manage tickets and help players
You will watch for users breaking rules
You will punish players accordingly
You will work with a team of other moderators

How to apply? Join the discord and check out #applications

As a Admin:

Manage staff applications
Manage Mods
Run Events
Manage Media
And more!

How to apply? Join the discord and open a ticket