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Welcome to the Final Frontier!

Here at Frontier we work to ensure better and optimized moderation & freelancing. Moderation being our primary focus we distribute moderators, admins and even managers to communities in need. Working closely with specialists in their fields, we can provide clients expert individuals without issue. In addition we're developing a General Moderation course designed to train/educated experienced or even inexperienced moderators.
As each server is different, we aim to train moderators to become better! As we continue to grow our community, we are daily working to better improve our services and how we run things. Join us, and stay tuned for more!

What can we offer?
- Partnerships
- Promotions
- Moderation Courses
- Freelancers
- Resources to make yourself a better mod, admin or manager
- Minecraft Network Support (Soon)
- Easy Staff Positions

Our networking program serves as a support system to help and secure minecraft networks. Offering them free staff & resources.

Main Discord:
Academy Discord: