⭐ FREE RANKS ⭐ PINK PRISON ⭐ - Skins, Robots, PMines, Plots, Pets, Fishing, etc.


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Hello world, hello you!

Welcome to PinkPrison! We're pretty sure that your search for a nice Minecraft server has now come to an final end.

Our server offers you exactly the features you were probably looking for. With over 100 custom-made plugins, we offer sufficient and unique features that give the gamemode prison a whole new meaning. In addition to our incredibly cool, user-oriented rewards for working in the mines or participating in events, we offer expandable plots in the form of islands, which you can completely adapt to your own wishes. We didn't leave anything out in PVP either. From regular armor to custom enchanted armor, everything is included. Anyone who joins our community today will receive a free seasonal crate as a first-join gift. Many many more rewards are still waiting to be claimed on our server. Just like our mini-games.

To understand what we offer for example, just take a look at the following that we already offer:

🎁 FREE Seasonal Crate on join
🎁 FREE Rank in our Store
⭐ Ranks A-Z and 1000+ Prestiges
💰 A very thankful rewards-system
🎲 Maze, Parkour, Crash, Koth, Supply Events
💎 Lucky Treasures, Custom Enchants, Crates
👑 Custom Armor & Tool Skins
🐺 Custom Bosses which you'll see no where else
🤖 Robots, Beginner Robot, AFK Robot, 10+ More
🧱 Donor-Mines, Prestige Mines, Private Mines
📝 ScratchCards, Plots, Plot-Borders and Merge
🔓 Gamemode + World Edit for Plots
💵 Token Shop, Gangs, Monthly Payouts, OP-Voting
💴 OP but balanced Money and Tokensystem
📢 Discord with shared in-game-chat

We have a lot more features & we could talk about them for hours, but, how about you just pay us a visit, since you have read our advertising text up to here? We are really looking forward to see you soon!

We've also planned big and crazy updates for the future, so keep yourself up-to-date and always check the ⎾📢⏌announcements channel on our discord for recent or upcoming updates!

Old but Gold, this was our Server Trailer when we started back in 2022:

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Just an update, Checked it out n got hooked on the server :) The amount of loot you can get is amazing, the key opening is so satisfying :P Staff are very nice and the community is welcoming! So far, the amount I played, It doesn't feel P2W, the crates will get you started :P Deffo Good Vouch from me ;)